Walk me through the order process

Are you ready to get started!?  Good!  on this page I am going to walk you through the sign up process.  As this process is quick, a few questions may arise so it is good to reference this page when you are ordering, so you can make sure you are getting everything that you need to get you rolling on your oily journey.  Before we begin, it is best to place your order on a computer rather then a mobile device and another browser other then safari.  This does not mean you cannot sign up using those, we just see a few glitches when they are used to complete the ordering process. 

To Start- Click HERE and it will take you to this page below and then we can begin walking you through getting your very own Premium Starter Kit

sign up 1024x647 Walk me through the order process

Step 1) Make sure Member is clicked and highlighted in blue.  If the box is not checked or if it is greyed out (like retail customer box is seen above) then just click on the member box to make it selected. 

Step 2) Select your country and language.

Step 3) Make sure my 7 digit member number (1922173) is in this box.  To make sure what my 7 digit number is, head back to my profile picture and check under Member Number.  Then hit continue if everything is correct icon smile Walk me through the order process

2 sign up 1024x677 Walk me through the order process

Step 5 ) Make sure my name is here

Step 6) Make sure my member number (same one from the page before 1922173) is here

Step 7) If everything looks correct press Continue.  If there is another person’s name in 5 or my member number is not correct click the little box that says, “I prefer a different enroller/sponsor…” and it will take you back to the previous page to make your changes.  If you need a reminder of my name or my member number, it’s Teryn Robinson 1922173.

3 sign up 1024x641 Walk me through the order process

Step 8) This step is the most exciting step…Choosing your diffuser!!!  Default checked will be the the Dew Drop Diffuser set at the price of $160.  Your other options are the Aria ($260), Rainstone($205), or if you click that blue arrow button it will expose the home diffuser ($160) option.  If you need a rundown of the diffuser bullet points you can brows over them below.

diffuser options 1024x593 Walk me through the order process

4 sign up 1024x649 Walk me through the order process

Step 9) This section is to enroll in our Essential Rewards program.  As amazing as this program is, at this time there is no need for you to worry about this section.  Please keep scrolling to the bottom of the page.  If you are interested in learning more about Young Livings Essential Rewards program I am happy to fill you in on the goods

5 sign up 1024x682 Walk me through the order process